About CreateWorld

CreateWorld 2019 Update

We’re sorry to announce that CreateWorld 2019 has been cancelled. This is mainly due to a lack of time to pre-announce the event, and work on a suitable program. We’ll be doing our best to bring CreateWorld back again for 2020, with a much longer lead time – please stay tuned for more announcements.

About CreateWorld

CreateWorld is a 2 day performance, presentation, and professional development event, specifically for academic, teachers, and technical staff who use Apple technology in the education and digital arts disciplines.

The conference features a wide range of academic and technical presenters from the education and industry sectors, and includes keynotes, panel sessions, hypotheticals, hands-on technical workshops, and regular presentation sessions.


CreateWorld is aimed at teachers, practitioners, academics, research teams, technical staff and students who use Apple technology in education and across the digital arts.

Sesssions can include presentations on teaching and learning, new media work, performance, techniques and approaches in practice-led research fields including photography, cyber-arts, music, e-learning, film, animation and design.

CreateWorld is different to most academic conferences. Probably the best way to find out how is to listen to “The Three Professors” discuss CreateWorld 2008!

More Information

Find out more about CreateWorld using the links on the right-hand side of the page, and check back soon for updates regarding this year’s event. Or see what happened at CreateWorld 2016:

Video by Timothy Rankin.